New Availability Dates

When booking on either of our caravans please use the New Availability Calendar and book directly online as this will be the quickest and easiest way to guarantee the dates you want for your holiday.

We do like to contact each guest online and will be happy to help with any special needs if possible.

Neither of the caravan’s are wheelchair friendly.

However, we do understand that people have pushchairs for their children.

Both caravans have four steps up to the decking which is dog friendly and safe. In this we understand that people who have had our caravans in the past with small children have found this to be a great space for their children too. Please see reviews of Pevensey Bay

We are endeavouring to be open from March to Feb 13 each year, so early bookings are essential to ensure your dates you want.

The minimum is three days to seven days (unless you require longer than 7 days.- you will need to put in the dates and complete the booking)

Thank you.

Pevensey Bay

New Beach

Special deal for March and April

£75 a night for the first three nights for a booking of 7 nights minimum.

First come first served.

Pevensey Bay

New Beach

July lovely month for marriages and honeymoons.

Dates available for you to consider if you are looking for a really great place to stay.

Dates available in follows.

1st – 29th morning

3 night minimum stay.

Book now for guaranteed holiday.

We do get filled up really fast. So whether you are looking for 3 nights or 7 nights, with fur babies or/and young families. Safe decking and close to all the amenities.

Entertainment passes available at the reception. Booking your swimming slot too is at Reception.

There is a club house on site.

Pevensey Bay has some lovely eateries and walks along the river and beach. Great fun for all the family. There is a secure children’s play area near to the club house.

A lovely comfortable home from home.

Blazing June dates available at Pevensey

We are really on a trail blazer in June, many of the dates are already taken.

If you are looking for great days with your family by the coast then this would be a great place to come.

Dates available at the moment are

1st – 8th morning

13th afternoon – 18th morning.

26th afternoon- 30 morning.

We would be happy to share our holiday home with you. Book now for the dates will go fast.

May so pretty, dates available at Pevensey

We love to share our holiday home with you. You will find the caravan to be very comfortable both for fur babies and children alike.

With the warmer evenings and brighter days before the summer this delightful place has so much to offer the family as a great get away from it al.

The dates in May still available are as follows.

1st -19th

22nd – 31st

Minimum stays are three nights.

Entertainment passes available at reception. Booking the pool for your family at reception.

There is a local laundrette that does service washes and is excellent. I have used them regularly. Never had any problems with it.

Great places to eat in and around Pevensey.

For more details regarding the caravan please check here.

Booking online is simple and once the bookings have been made we will contact you regarding the codes needed for the keys and the wifi.

There id a travel cot for babies, highchair for baby too.

Dogs are welcome although we do have a restriction on size.

Spring time is April – new buds, new season

Welcome to Pevensey in April. Great to see the new buds on the trees and see how lovely and lush and green the grass is. Great new sunsets and sunrises. Warm sun your face as you sit on the decking enjoying your lovely evenings watching the sun go down. Fur babies curled up on the lovely blankets and children enjoying the evening sunshine.

Dates available in April are as follows.

1st – 30th.

Booking your break early will ensure you get the dates you want.

Book online as an easy option. We look forward to hearing from you in due course.

Book Now for lovely April sunshine and pretty views of the countryside as it starts to unfurl its beautiful colours and scents from the trees and flowers.

March Dates Available at Pevensey

The month of March is usually a vey windy month. however when inside our lovely home from home its not even noticeable.

With good central heating and double glazing you will enjoy a comfortable time. Fur babies really enjoy the safe and secure decking and young children enjoy their times playing safely on the decking too.

Dates available in March

1st – 31st

Please note all dates are available at present. Minimum stay is three nights.

We look forward to hearing your news about your experience in our home from home.

February Dates available Pevensey

Romantic February, lovely evenings out at the local eateries in Pevensey itself, along with a romantic walk around the Pevensey Castle and just walking along the beach in the evening. We think it is so lovely to be able spend some quality time with family and friends.

Dates available booking early is a must as the dates go really quickly.

1st Feb to the 13 Feb.

the park is closed for two weeks from the 14th Feb to 7 March.

January dates available at Pevensey

January is such a lovely month down at Pevensey, watching the early year sunsets and sunrises on the beach. No matter what the weather is like there is always lovely walks along the beach to Pevensey Bay and also to the Crumbles Shopping centre where you can find some lovely restaurants and lovely marina side cafes at South Harbour.

Come see what a delight you have with your family and friends. Even pets are welcome. We also cater for small children/babies.

Dates for January still available.

22 Jan to 31 Jan.

to book dates in this period please see our booking online feature.

Due to rising costs

Due to raising costs we cannot afford to keep the prices as low as we have done in the past. Like everyone we still have to pay the bills at todays rates there are no concessions for us.

We love sharing our homes with you, however to enjoy a high standard of cleanliness and warmth then the increase is necessary.

Thank you.