Previous Guests

If you have enjoyed our caravans this year and would like to book early for either of the caravans please feel free to check the dates for either of the caravans in Pevensey Bay or New Beach

Early booking will guarantee you getting the dates you want.

We are already starting to get bookings for both caravans for the end of this year and also for the new season next year from March onwards.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Fire Hazzard Warning

 Due to the recent exceptionally hot weather, disposable BBQs will not be permitted on park until further notice. We apologise for any inconvenience caused. 

We recently received an email telling this. We know that this could be a dampener on your stay, however for everyone’s safety lets be safe.

We will let you know when it is safe to use them.

Thank you.

Having lived in Estepona near to a gas station on a motorway not too far away from my home in Spain I understand just how close it can get to cause severe damage.

2019 the year I sold my house there was a raging fire caused by people who did not know how to deal with a bee hive in the property they were staying at and as a consequence we had 5 days of severe fires burning with a threat to local gasoline station on motorway and livestock to local fincas/farms.

Having experience severe burns myself as a child I have a great respect for the hot stuff. So please be careful out there. We know its been an amazing hot summer this year and the joys of BBQ’s is always fun, but there is a serious downside when things go wrong.

Enjoy the rest of 2022 and hope we will have a great year next year too.

Dates open

We have now opened the dates and prices for this coming winter and for 2023/2024.

Booking early can make sure you get the dates you want

Pevensey Lux is at Pevensey Bay Holiday Park very popular with Park Holiday Guests so if you want to beat the rush book soon to make sure you can have the memories with your family. Great days out to be had in Eastbourne, Hastings, Bexhill and other places near by. Book here

Availability – we’re seeing huge demand for the summer peak and lots of enquiries for 2023.

I would highly recommend that you book early for next years holidays.

Whether you are looking for Pevensey Bay Holiday Park near Eastbourne, East Sussex or New Beach, near Hythe. Both locations are really popular and get booked fast. In order to get your own dates we recommend you start early.

We are also welcoming bookings for the autumn and winter seasons.

Minimum stay is 3 Days all year round.

Our prices are in line with the local trends.

We offer good quality and value for money holidays for you and your family, plus your fur baby.

Maximum dogs allowed at each caravan is 2, small to medium sized dogs. We do not allow the larger dogs as the space inside the caravan would be too cramped for them.

All dogs must be kept on the leads in the parks and any waste from dogs must be cleaned up. Both sites have good bin access.

Children must be supervised at all times so that there is no disruptive behaviour reported either to myself or to the staff at the parks as this would cause issues for future bookings.

Caravans must be cleaned and tidy, please do not leave any food stuffs in cupboards or fridge or freezers. Please make sure you clean the caravan before you leave in readiness for the next guest.

All points of unclean behaviour is reported to me by each following guest. so for the benefit of everyone it is much better to check before you leave.

Thank you.

Dates now open for bookings

We have now opened the calenders dates for both caravans on. Pevensey Lux -East Sussex and, New Beach, Kent.

We have opened all the dates right through 2024.

All ready for next year???

Booking ahead is the best way to get the dates you want.

Whether you are looking for a great place to be right near the beach, with loads of action going on in the local nearby towns or whether you fancy a walk around the great marshes and discover the local railway journeys,

Both the caravans have lots to offer to whatever holiday ideas you may have. Check them out and check out whats on in the areas of your choice, East Sussex or Kent

Holiday Ownership

Have you considered buying your own Holiday Home. I have two in different locations in the South of England. Both are fully booked this year so am happy with my decision to keep them.

They are great get a-ways for all the family and now with us being able to enjoy the freedoms of holidays again.

I would highly recommend you go visit sites and stay on them before making a purchase, talk to the neighbours and staff before going ahead.

My caravan is available from the beginning of November 22 to go do some investigating at Pevensey Bay this one is at Pevensey Bay Holiday park and I have found it to be a great place to stay, East Sussex is renowned for being the Sunshine coast of the Uk. Worth checking out. Eastbourne and Hastings are two of historical places to visit while staying. If you ever watched Poirot and other popular shows set in the war years.

My other caravan which is an equally interesting part of the Kent is at New Beach Holiday Park which is also available as of the first week in November. Hythe and Folkstone are nearby along with Dover, Romney Marsh. Lots of history and geographical interest. Hythe is a really lovely village with still lots of interesting shops to browse.

I highly recommend you do have a visit before you buy.

New Beach is very popular with young families, I get loads of enquiries for this one right for the beginning of the year. However as the Holiday park has been managing it since I bought it this year they are managing it again. Next year I am going to be doing private bookings. That also depends on how soon start to book for their holidays next year. This applies to both caravans.

Pevensey Bay – Pevensey Lux

We have had a good season so far and I can see that people do enjoy the caravan. It has had some great reviews from previous guests and am happy with the progress with this caravan. Over the past couple of years it has been trying. However now more than ever people are looking for great locations with plenty of sun and activities. Overall I would say that Pevensey Bay Holiday Park on the Sunshine coast of UK does get that.

Most of the time the weather is fair, and beautiful, great sunsets and lovely walks. Plenty to do in Eastbourne to stir the juices with theatres and sports centres, tennis and even watersports.

I know that my guests do enjoy their breaks at Pevensey Lux

However there is a catch, you do need to book early to get the dates you want by the end of February 2023 so that I can see the overall plan of the Season. At the end of March I then send unbooked dates to the Parks Rental team for their guests. So if you want dates you want which maybe midweek dates or even long weekends you really do need to book early.

Look forward to hearing from you in due course.

Remember also booking early gets you this years prices next year. After March the price will be in line with the Parks.

New Beach – HidiHythe

I have been amazed this year how popular this caravan has been, it is always fully booked by the Park Holidays Rentals and was hoping that I may be able to rent it out privately. Owing to its popularity with the Parks Rentals, I would need to have bookings by the latest for end of February 2023 to guarantee your bookings.for New Beach.

At the end of March I pass it back to the Park for them to fill in dates that are not booked.

Booking early is essential to make sure you get the dates you want.

Early Booking is essential

To guarantee the dates you want.

Both caravans have been extremely popular and are fully booked for the summer season of 2022,

Autumn and winter dates are available from November 1 2022 – February 12 2023.

Early booking for 2003 from March 7 2003.

If we do not get any early bookings then the Park Holidays will be given the caravans for the public to use.

If however you would prefer to come direct to owner then please do not hesitate,


Both caravans are pet friendly, Maximum of two dogs, preferably small breeds.

Thank you