Since moving up north and travelling around to discover new places to go stay, We have had the occasions to stay at Travel Lodges and have been very glad to have had good comfy beds to sleep in. However there is no cooking facilities nor are you allowed to have your own cooking facilities in the room with you. No microwave, no toaster, just a kettle. Which is fine as you can do cook in pots with hot water. Great, but when you are tired and hungry and need to eat having your own kitchen to cook in and place to relax with the family where you dogs and children can just play outside safely without having to walk through long corridors and walks around carparks.

We offer you a full self catering experience with outdoor seating area and safe play space. Lovely walks and even a cafe close at hand for you and your family to enjoy. Walking along the beach before you retire to your lovely cosy caravan with tv, wifi, and home cooked food with your family.

We believe we offer you great value for your money as the price is for the caravan not per person. We think you will agree that having a comfy place to stay and relax without worrying about whether the dog is going to make it to the doors before it has an accident. We all know it happens but we prefer to offer you a great comfortable bed and lounge to relax in with your family.

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