On returning from Spain in 2019 I was not sure of where I was going to be living so I invested in New Beach holiday park buying my first static caravan. We now call HidiHythe, up to now has been rented out by Park Holidays in at New Beach. I had purchased the New Beach as a potential business private rental; however, it was easier to start with to let the Park Holidays use it to get it known on the site. 

At the time it was to have been my home while I looked round for a more permanent home. 

My daughter lived in Eastbourne, we travelled most days to and from her flat to the caravan. We found it to be quite a challenge to do it every day, so I invested in another caravan at Pevensey Bay which was only a short 6 minutes’ drive from her flat.

When I bought Pevensey Lux in Pevensey Bay Holiday Park it was meant to be my base until I could find a suitable place to live. 

Then the troubles started with the Pandemic which then meant that I was living on the site at Pevensey Bay for the whole year during the lockdown. 

During 2021 I moved up to the North East of England having found a house to rent which allowed me then to rent out Pevensey Lux to build up my holiday rental business. 

Obviously during this period, it has been very difficult for everyone to really know what was happening and how to make every thing work. 

Having now got both the caravans ready for the Private Rental market I then chose to set up the scstaticholidaysukltd which of course then takes on another dimension of how to get things off the ground.  We use www.ukcaravans4hire.com/12926to promote our Pevensey Bay.

HidiHythe caravan – New Beach – is in the process of being prepared for private rental. 

We are registered at Company House as SCSTATICHOLIDAYSUKLTD. (13874744)

Hopefully we shall become settled with our rentals and indeed our aim is to grow our business across the UK. 

We are looking at a variety of locations which would suit our criteria and hopefully the holiday makers who will enjoy using them.  We have got a plan to research the Dales, and Mid UK for potential caravans to rent out. 

Our aim is to offer good quality holidays within reasonable price range to suit all pockets.  We do offer a prepayment plan to those who would like it.  We also are willing to listen to comments regarding our services and caravans.

We look forward to hearing from you in due course.

Pevensey Lux -Pevensey Bay – sleeps 6, 2 bed, fully double glazed, central heated. With a nice entertainment area, safe for pets and children
HydiHythe – New Beach, 2 bed, sleeps 4, double glazed and gas central heated. Large safe entertainment deck for children and pets.

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