Getting smart

Discovering the art of communication and learning how to use my own business platform to promote others seems like an excellent opportunity.

Developing new connections is what I am all about. Getting seen and heard also is vital.

Pet Friendly

During my travels it has always been great to find places to stay with our furry friends.  I have been doing some research while my caravans are now being rented out by the Park Holidays Rental programme.  Which is a great way to make sure you can pay your annual fees and your covering costs.

I was considering a great deal of options that people would do as Static Holidays, and was invited to share this company.  I did check on their website for a variety of locations for Pet friendly holiday resorts and was pleasantly surprised at the amount of them there are with this company.  Also the prices are reasonable.

Unlike staying at a static caravan with self catering and individual tastes catered for by the guests themselves you can book to be pampered or not.  Eat in their restaurants or not.  Why not check them out and see what you can find now that we can enjoy travelling again.

Pevensey Holiday Park

From now on the dates listed below are now being rented from the Park Holiday website.

We shall not be taking any further private rental bookings until November from the UKcaravan website. As we have had no serious renters we have decided to put it in the hands of Park Holidays as they are asking owners to rent their caravans through their system.

The following dates available for subletting through Park holidays website which will mean you will not be guaranteed to stay in our caravan.

Thank you.

March – 11-24, 27-31

April – 1-7, 14-16, 23-30

May – 1-27, 30-31

June – 1-30

July – 1-25

August – 6-12, 23-31

Sept. – 1-3, 17-30

October – 1-31

However if you want to book with us in the future please contact us directly at and we will see what dates are available from November 2022.

Nov – 1-30

Dec – 1-31 

I am the owner of the caravan and would love to have invited you to stay at my lovely home from home.


Last chance to book for November at New Beach will be the 1 June. Early bookings always makes sure you get the dates you want.

Prices PER NIGHT £115 for a minimum of 3 nights.

£85 PER NIGHT for 7 Nights plus.

We think that there is still a great deal to see and do with all the family during the autumn and winter months.

Check out the dates available for November on wards at HidiHythe

We look forward to hearing from you in due course

Hythe has a lot to offer all the family