Pevensey Holiday Park

From now on the dates listed below are now being rented from the Park Holiday website.

We shall not be taking any further private rental bookings until November from the UKcaravan website. As we have had no serious renters we have decided to put it in the hands of Park Holidays as they are asking owners to rent their caravans through their system.

The following dates available for subletting through Park holidays website which will mean you will not be guaranteed to stay in our caravan.

Thank you.

March – 11-24, 27-31

April – 1-7, 14-16, 23-30

May – 1-27, 30-31

June – 1-30

July – 1-25

August – 6-12, 23-31

Sept. – 1-3, 17-30

October – 1-31

However if you want to book with us in the future please contact us directly at and we will see what dates are available from November 2022.

Nov – 1-30

Dec – 1-31 

I am the owner of the caravan and would love to have invited you to stay at my lovely home from home.

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