Fire Hazzard Warning

 Due to the recent exceptionally hot weather, disposable BBQs will not be permitted on park until further notice. We apologise for any inconvenience caused. 

We recently received an email telling this. We know that this could be a dampener on your stay, however for everyone’s safety lets be safe.

We will let you know when it is safe to use them.

Thank you.

Having lived in Estepona near to a gas station on a motorway not too far away from my home in Spain I understand just how close it can get to cause severe damage.

2019 the year I sold my house there was a raging fire caused by people who did not know how to deal with a bee hive in the property they were staying at and as a consequence we had 5 days of severe fires burning with a threat to local gasoline station on motorway and livestock to local fincas/farms.

Having experience severe burns myself as a child I have a great respect for the hot stuff. So please be careful out there. We know its been an amazing hot summer this year and the joys of BBQ’s is always fun, but there is a serious downside when things go wrong.

Enjoy the rest of 2022 and hope we will have a great year next year too.

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