Journey to Pevensey Bay, East Sussex, UK

This morning I spent clearing up and checking everything was ok when I was leaving my caravan in Kent, New Beach to be precise. I enjoyed our brief time there and am glad that things are starting to look more hopeful regarding getting the caravans ready for my new guests.

I took a journey to Pevensey by the back way avoiding the Winchelsea turning, really tight and as my lovely lady dog was sleeping on her cushion in the footwell, I did not want to disturb her too much, so choose to go down the B2089 which on the face of it was straightforward but as ever when |I am driving along I take the odd detour because I see a sign post heading for Hastings instead of staying on the road to Battle heading towards Battle on the A21.

Instead, I take the detour down into St. Leonards always a mistake to go that way, I have done it before a long time ago and had forgotten just a bumpy road it is entering into st Leonards on the wrong road, bumpy, full of potholes something that really does need to be fixed. However, reaching the bottom facing the sea and turning onto the A259 heading out of St Leonards aiming for Hastings, Bexhill and onto Pevensey.

Arriving safely at my caravan, my lovely old lady of a Fenda we go to the office to speak to them, sort some minor issues out, then we head off to the Rabbit patch where the dogs love to go and see the rabbits and where the foxes are hiding. No one was about, foxes busy in their burrows just like the rabbits, ah well there is always tomorrow.

As for the rest of the settling in back into our home from home we got settled quickly. We sent messages to our friends and neighbours to let them know we are here for a few days. We have not seen some of them for such a long time as we have been busy settling down up North, in County Durham.

Sunday we are heading back up to County Durham, stopping on the way, to meet up with family on the way. It has been an interesting journey and will be doing it again soon.

Having a break

This week am taking a break down south staying at my home from home in Kent.

The drive down here was amazing, passed through some great places to visit on my way back up the country.

The weather driving down was really bad when hit the lower part of the UK. Heavy rain and windy. Was so glad to have got to the caravan and found it still standing.

Am staying a few days to see what needs to be done to the caravan before the new spring and summer season starts. We are already receiving bookings for New Beach, so if you are interested to come see this great family location here at Dymchurch and Hythe then please check our dates.

New Beach is a great family orientated place.

We highly recommend you check out our caravans for a great family holiday memories here on the Kent and East Sussex coast.


I decided recently to get involved with helping other to get the help they need so have chosen to join

No matter the weather

I always enjoy my time when I get the opportunity to go visit the caravans.

I am making plans to visit them before the end of the year to see if they need anything replacing and changing.

It’s always an exciting journey down south as I always seem to get tangled up when driving past Heathrow.

I am looking forward to going to visit with friends I have made over the past few years.

Since being up North it has been an interesting journey of self-discovery too.

Sharing our caravans with people who just want to have a break by the sea is great. Both of them offer that.

Retreat from busy lives and coming together with the family is so important.

We really enjoy getting to know our guests.

We are open on both sites during the Autumn and Winter months this year.

We also try to help those who are trying to move into new homes and need a place to stay.