No matter the weather

I always enjoy my time when I get the opportunity to go visit the caravans.

I am making plans to visit them before the end of the year to see if they need anything replacing and changing.

It’s always an exciting journey down south as I always seem to get tangled up when driving past Heathrow.

I am looking forward to going to visit with friends I have made over the past few years.

Since being up North it has been an interesting journey of self-discovery too.

Sharing our caravans with people who just want to have a break by the sea is great. Both of them offer that.

Retreat from busy lives and coming together with the family is so important.

We really enjoy getting to know our guests.

We are open on both sites during the Autumn and Winter months this year.

We also try to help those who are trying to move into new homes and need a place to stay.

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