My Journey Home

It amazes me just how much traffic there was on the road.M25 as always a big nightmare to get round. When the added speed restrictions are in place, go at 40 for miles and miles for hours really does cut into a busy driving plans. My satnav said it should have taken me approximately 5hrs 43 minutes to get back up to Shildon, where I am now based. I had planned to meet up with my sister in Wakefield in the afternoon had all the timings been correct. However I decided it would not be wise to suggest a particular time as with everything was not going to work for me to get to Wakefield in the afternoon. I suggested we leave meeting up for a different time because of the ongoing issues on the M25.

I passed the Wakefield sign around 7.30 so if my poor sister had gone to meet me there, I probably not even stopped as it was too dark and raining by the time I was passing. Will make a visit to her soon. – on a mission to see her only not as part of another mission.

Little did I know I was going to run into various places where they were slowing the traffic to 40mph further up the M1. Seriously folks don’t expect to make plans with people in afternoons as there is absolutely no guarantee you are going to make it for your agreed timetable, unless of course you do some major checking on the motorways first.

I knew from my journey down to the South that there was some slowing’s along the motorway, never expected it to be so long.

Trying to find an alternative route has proved to be even more time consuming. So, we are stuck to the motor ways.

I finally arrived home a little before 9.30 in the evening – I had started out about 10.30 ish in the morning. Having packed the van, checked the water, oil and cleaned the caravan before setting off. I also had breakfast and took my baby girl for a nice walk before we set off.

I had slept really badly as well, as I was trying to formulate a plan of departure and route to take, so I was not on my best. However, I did try to stop off at Toddington but went in the wrong way down the trucks end which meant I could not park my very nice transit (swb) next to the huge lorries that were parked up. I am sure they would not have minded but if someone want to park where I was, they could quite easily have missed me, and I could have been squashed. However, that was an amusing few moments. I drove out of Toddington and drove onto the next stop, which when you are feeling tired seems to be for ever before you get there.

I managed to make it to Newton Pagnell stop and slept for 50 minutes, it was supposed to be an hour, not good at doing complete hours when travelling, usually manage 40/50 minutes at stops. I spoke with my daughter discussed the plans of the journey.

I even managed to save fuel – someone mentioned to me when I was back in Pevensey to reduce my speed to conserve fuel. I had filled up my van from the half way point in my tank and it cost me 71.13. Of which I was hoping to see if it would get me from the south to the \north. To my surprise it did. I arrived back home with exactly half a tank of fuel left. I started to watch my speed and time remaining and matched it mile per minutes. I was absolutely stunned that I have still got half a tank of fuel left. I would highly recommend that you try it for yourself. Why speed along burning your fuel fast when you can drive around 55miles per hour to arrive home with half a tank left.

I think that my speed will be when on the motorways at 55, staying in the slow lane suits me too. You get to see some interesting vehicles. I was travelling behind one vehicle tha was very stranger looking, it lloked like it had three swivel chairs with something hanging down from a top bar. When I finally manage to pass them as they were leaving the motorway, I could see it was a carnival ride. like the teacup ride.

Family is so very important no matter the circumstances of today are. We all need one another.

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