Travelling companion

Hi I am Fenda and I am the companion to my owner even when we go on long trips down south.

This last trip was fun as we went to see my other homes in the South of UK,

My companion drove us down while I slept most of the way on my cushion near to her.

This time was a cold journey, I sat on my cushion with my coat on because it was cold. I do not eat or drink much on my journey’s because I prefer to be sleeping. Every now and again we stop, and I get out and go for a quick walk and sniff about, see if there is anything of interest to me, then I jump back into the cab, sometimes I need help. I am getting on now, nearly 14, I still enjoy the journey and glad to be with my companion,

She did leave me for a while when she went and left me for a long time, I was not very pleased with being left behind. I much prefer to be with her on our adventures.

We travelled down some interesting places and hopefully we will go back and spend some time there, Ripon, Harrogate and Knaresbourgh.

I am looking forward to my next trip.

This is my favourite place to stay in Pevensey

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