Welcome to Pevensey Bay

Hi I am Fenda

I would like to introduce you to my holiday home at Pevensey Bay

My favourite place is Pevensey lux, I always bring my own blankets and toys and dishes. Sometimes I bring my favourite toy a big reindeer which I enjoy playing with.

Here at Pevensey there is a great place to see rabbits and foxes. There are great places all around the site for sniffing and meeting other fur bods. I have a few friends I meet up with when I am down on the site. Sometimes I even enjoy a walk along the beach. The last time I was down I just went up to the top of the ramp to the beach and sniffed the air of the sea as it was a bit too cold for me and I am not keen on walking on frozen stones.

However, I do love to walk all around the Park. My companion used to do an Avon round on the Park, I loved to walk round with her to meet and greet all the customers and their fur bods.

The entrance to Pevensey is very fur bod friendly

If you think you may enjoy a holiday at my holiday home then get your companions to check out the dates. We love to have you come enjoy the rabbits and birds and foxes, swim in the sea and chase the seaguls, and flying humans and their kite things. Very strange they are too.

Just remember to bring your own towels, and bedding and covers for my furniture. Please take care not to leave any messages. I am happy to share my space. Can always tell if someone has not been careful as I find the smells.

We just had our decks cleaned recently so that we can all enjoy our fun time on the terraces and be safe from the road.

Safety gate, we have loads of space to stretch our legs and chill in the sun. I love to have my breakfast on the terrace with my companion even on a winters day.

Come see where I play

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