New Availability Dates

When booking on either of our caravans please use the New Availability Calendar and book directly online as this will be the quickest and easiest way to guarantee the dates you want for your holiday.

We do like to contact each guest online and will be happy to help with any special needs if possible.

Neither of the caravan’s are wheelchair friendly.

However, we do understand that people have pushchairs for their children.

Both caravans have four steps up to the decking which is dog friendly and safe. In this we understand that people who have had our caravans in the past with small children have found this to be a great space for their children too. Please see reviews of Pevensey Bay

We are endeavouring to be open from March to Feb 13 each year, so early bookings are essential to ensure your dates you want.

The minimum is three days to seven days (unless you require longer than 7 days.- you will need to put in the dates and complete the booking)

Thank you.

Pevensey Bay

New Beach

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