Please Note

Booking with us for your holiday near the sea this year could be the best thing you have done for you and your family. Your fur babies will thank you for the chance to get out and run along the beaches and along riverbanks and around great historic fields with great glee in their steps.

I shall be going down to the caravan shortly myself to enjoy the pleasure of the caravans at both parks. So if you are looking to book a date for your holiday please let us know as soon as possible so that I can plan my trips around the dates my guests have theirs.

They are both great locations and love both of them so it is very hard to say which one I shall be staying at anytime. So making sure we can see your dates online I can make sure the dates are available for you to come down and enjoy the beaches and sunshine too.

I shall be flitting between the two caravans throughout the year as well as travelling to see my daughter up North. So all in all if you want to book with us. We look forward to receiving your booking.

Thank you.

Pevensey Bay is very popular and highly sought after as a place to stay so please book early

This is such a comfortable space and I really enjoy being at this location. Fenda really enjoys her open space too when she is on the deck. So take a look and see for yourself the facilities this caravan can offer you. It is baby/child friendly as well as pet friendly.

New Beach

New Beach offers a different kind of comfort and is very welcoming to children and fur-babies alike. So as people do tend to go here a lot for the children’s entertainment and plenty of walking along a prom right along to Dymchurch itself and all the amenities it offers. Hythe is just a short car journey or bus ride away too. There is the Romney Marshes which are a delight to walk with the family and railways to visit. Highly recommended. Book early to avoid disappointment.

As I have said I shall be visiting both my caravans throughout the year and hopefully will enjoy the pleasure of great weather too.

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