My journey down to New Beach then to Pevensey

Last week I drove down from the County Durham to come and spend time down in my caravans.

I took the drastic turn of not using Main Motorways as I was finding them extremely tedious and boring. Not enough to keep me on my toes driving such a long distance for the UK that is.

Anyway on my journey had needed to stop at Huntingdon as I was very tired after having been driving criss cross the east coast of England – met lots of interesting people on en-route. Anyway, as I was saying I pulled into the Huntingdon carpark of the Premier Inn and was a bit uncertain about staying on the carpark with out letting someone know what i was doing. I went into the foyer and spoke to a very polite and well dressed young man called David. He was extremely helpful in allowing me to stop there as long as I needed to. I was very grateful for this as I was very tired. The main purpose of me writing this is to thank him publicly for being so courteous and polite and understanding. I do hope that Premier Inn will be appreciative of the very excellent way he dealt with my request.

He even asked if I needed any water – I thanked him and said I have everything I needed on the van. So off I went to have my rest before setting off on my adventures again.

So if you are looking for a good nights rest. No dogs allowed which is why I sleep in my van with my beautiful girl. I highly recommend this location.

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