Pevensey and nearby

One of the reasons we love to be in Pevensey is that there is so much to do for all the family, furbabies are welcome. Good shopping and entertainment. Eastbourne itself is a hive of activity and has so much to offer all year round. Which is why we love our caravan as it is also all year round available.

We have spent many a happy hour walking along the beach enjoying the sunshine and the rain sometimes. During the summer it is lovely and warm and full of friendly people all walking their dogs too. There are some great places to eat in Pevensey which accept furbabies.

Our favourite place to go for our fresh bread and home made cakes is Ocean View. The staff are really friendly and helpful. Highly recommend you go for a visit to this great little place. For breakfast, lunch or afternoon tea.

Visit the Castle for a great day out, There is some great places to eat nearby with good parking

So should you be liking the idea of spending a few days or a week with your family in a great location near to all these great spots, then please take a look at our Pevensey Bay Holiiday Park caravan which is available all year round for bookings. Early birds get the best dates so it is wiser to make sure you book early.

Whats on offer in Dymchurch

We are looking at what is happening in Dymchurch near to New Beach Holiday Park where HidiHythe caravan

We are now taking booking for our caravan at New Beach.

Booking early is essential to guarantee you getting the dates you want.

Really family friendly and cheerful place to be. Excellent shopping centre, Tesco extra nearby, as well as Sainsbury in Hythe and in Dymchurch.

Lots of interesting places to visit and have wonderful meals with your family. Furbabies are always welcome.

Interested in the History of Dymchurch

We look forward to hearing from you in due course.

Squirrel Hunting, Bird chasing, and loads of trees to sniff

Hampden Park

Fenda and her friends have all enjoyed the amazing fun at this great country park near Eastbourne, Pevensey. Very lovely places especially on really hot days and even on wet and windy days.

Chasing squirrels and hunting in the undergrowth for whatever that may take their noses for a fun run around the trees.

You can run free in the woods, round the lakes the dogs must be on the leads.

There is a lovely little coffee shop and loos for humans too.

One of Fendas Favourite Places

When we go to our holiday home in Pevensey Bay, East Sussex, UK we very often take a walk long the prom till we get to the Holywell. – this place is very dog friendly and the beach and rock pools are a delight to Fenda and her friends.

We would recommend you take a look this great place and we too think you will enjoy it too.

Reviews for the caravan at Pevensey

These are just a small sample of the reviews we are receiving from our guests

Pevensey Lux

Guest type

Family With Older Children

Date of stay

23/12/2022 – 27/12/2022



We stayed here over Christmas, we found the site clean and tidy and an ideal location. We didn’t use the pool or the club house but both looked nice. The caravan was excellent, well equipped clean and cosy, the decking was an added bonus for our 2 dogs and would be lovely sitting out there on a sunny day. The communication and information from the owner was second to none. All in all we had a lovely relaxing break with long walks along the beach, and we will definitely be returning at some point.

Guest type

Family With Older Children

Date of stay

20/12/2022 – 22/12/2022



Short stay, but already miss the beach life. Perfect location, pooch felt right at home, his morning walks were his favourite as the beach was 2 minutes away. Accommodation was clean, well equipped which made it feel home from home. Host was extremely helpful, highly recommend ????

Mature Couple

Date of stay

27/05/2022 – 30/05/2022

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have just had a 4 day break in Sue’s caravan with our dog . caravan was lovely very clean and tidy. Sue always responded to the emails that I sent. would definitely recommend to any one.

Guest type

Family With Young Children

Date of stay

20/01/2022 – 23/01/2022

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Sue was a marvellous host , very kind and accommodating. The caravan was excellent. Very clean and tidy, comfy bed, lovely shower , peaceful and relaxing ambience. Will def return again Thanks Sue

Guest type

Family With Young Children

Date of stay

06/09/2021 – 09/09/2021

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We have just returned home from a lovely few days at this caravan. Sue was amazing and went out of her way to accommodate us by purchasing a travel cot and highchair. It made it so much easier knowing that these things were there already! Plus we realised that we needed a bigger car if we had to fit them in! Sue answered all my questions really quickly. Would happily recommend and would visit again.

Guest type

Family With Older Children

Date of stay

19/07/2021 – 23/07/2021

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We have just returned from a short break at Sue’s caravan in Pevensey Bay. It really lives up to the description given, very clean, brilliant location to the pool, beach and pubs as every thing to hand. I would recommend to anyone looking for a caravan brand will definitely be booking again.

Nice and steady prices,

We are all aware of the cost of living prices and how we are all struggling with making ends meet.

Considering all these factors we are endeavouring to keep our prices within people budgets for good quality holidays by the sea,

It is a very wise move to book early as these caravans are both very popular. We hope that you will take a good look at our prices.

We have noticed the Park Holidays prices are fluctuating quite a lot throughout the season and as such may appear to be good deals but if they do not have the caravans available because we the owners prefer to rent privately because we do not benefit from them using our caravans to rent out.

This year is important to us to build up a good regular client base.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Pevensey Lux sleeps 6, is child and dog friendly.




Sleeps 4, child and dog friendly

Remembering the summer

Fenda and friend down by the Holly-well in Eastbourne near to Pevensey. Playing in the rock pools and daring each other to go to the waves. Enjoying the last days of summer and sadly the last days before her friend passed on. They also enjoyed running in the rabbit patch and chasing one another around the green spaces. Also loved the Promenade at Eastbourne.

Dogs are allowed in certain areas along the beach front, need to check the times. Where they are is pretty much open all year to the dogs. The Holly-Well is pet friendly, they provide bowls of water for the dogs. A great place to meet friends.

Welcome to Pevensey Bay

Hi I am Fenda

I would like to introduce you to my holiday home at Pevensey Bay

My favourite place is Pevensey lux, I always bring my own blankets and toys and dishes. Sometimes I bring my favourite toy a big reindeer which I enjoy playing with.

Here at Pevensey there is a great place to see rabbits and foxes. There are great places all around the site for sniffing and meeting other fur bods. I have a few friends I meet up with when I am down on the site. Sometimes I even enjoy a walk along the beach. The last time I was down I just went up to the top of the ramp to the beach and sniffed the air of the sea as it was a bit too cold for me and I am not keen on walking on frozen stones.

However, I do love to walk all around the Park. My companion used to do an Avon round on the Park, I loved to walk round with her to meet and greet all the customers and their fur bods.

The entrance to Pevensey is very fur bod friendly

If you think you may enjoy a holiday at my holiday home then get your companions to check out the dates. We love to have you come enjoy the rabbits and birds and foxes, swim in the sea and chase the seaguls, and flying humans and their kite things. Very strange they are too.

Just remember to bring your own towels, and bedding and covers for my furniture. Please take care not to leave any messages. I am happy to share my space. Can always tell if someone has not been careful as I find the smells.

We just had our decks cleaned recently so that we can all enjoy our fun time on the terraces and be safe from the road.

Safety gate, we have loads of space to stretch our legs and chill in the sun. I love to have my breakfast on the terrace with my companion even on a winters day.

Come see where I play

Travelling companion

Hi I am Fenda and I am the companion to my owner even when we go on long trips down south.

This last trip was fun as we went to see my other homes in the South of UK,

My companion drove us down while I slept most of the way on my cushion near to her.

This time was a cold journey, I sat on my cushion with my coat on because it was cold. I do not eat or drink much on my journey’s because I prefer to be sleeping. Every now and again we stop, and I get out and go for a quick walk and sniff about, see if there is anything of interest to me, then I jump back into the cab, sometimes I need help. I am getting on now, nearly 14, I still enjoy the journey and glad to be with my companion,

She did leave me for a while when she went and left me for a long time, I was not very pleased with being left behind. I much prefer to be with her on our adventures.

We travelled down some interesting places and hopefully we will go back and spend some time there, Ripon, Harrogate and Knaresbourgh.

I am looking forward to my next trip.

This is my favourite place to stay in Pevensey

My Journey Home

It amazes me just how much traffic there was on the road.M25 as always a big nightmare to get round. When the added speed restrictions are in place, go at 40 for miles and miles for hours really does cut into a busy driving plans. My satnav said it should have taken me approximately 5hrs 43 minutes to get back up to Shildon, where I am now based. I had planned to meet up with my sister in Wakefield in the afternoon had all the timings been correct. However I decided it would not be wise to suggest a particular time as with everything was not going to work for me to get to Wakefield in the afternoon. I suggested we leave meeting up for a different time because of the ongoing issues on the M25.

I passed the Wakefield sign around 7.30 so if my poor sister had gone to meet me there, I probably not even stopped as it was too dark and raining by the time I was passing. Will make a visit to her soon. – on a mission to see her only not as part of another mission.

Little did I know I was going to run into various places where they were slowing the traffic to 40mph further up the M1. Seriously folks don’t expect to make plans with people in afternoons as there is absolutely no guarantee you are going to make it for your agreed timetable, unless of course you do some major checking on the motorways first.

I knew from my journey down to the South that there was some slowing’s along the motorway, never expected it to be so long.

Trying to find an alternative route has proved to be even more time consuming. So, we are stuck to the motor ways.

I finally arrived home a little before 9.30 in the evening – I had started out about 10.30 ish in the morning. Having packed the van, checked the water, oil and cleaned the caravan before setting off. I also had breakfast and took my baby girl for a nice walk before we set off.

I had slept really badly as well, as I was trying to formulate a plan of departure and route to take, so I was not on my best. However, I did try to stop off at Toddington but went in the wrong way down the trucks end which meant I could not park my very nice transit (swb) next to the huge lorries that were parked up. I am sure they would not have minded but if someone want to park where I was, they could quite easily have missed me, and I could have been squashed. However, that was an amusing few moments. I drove out of Toddington and drove onto the next stop, which when you are feeling tired seems to be for ever before you get there.

I managed to make it to Newton Pagnell stop and slept for 50 minutes, it was supposed to be an hour, not good at doing complete hours when travelling, usually manage 40/50 minutes at stops. I spoke with my daughter discussed the plans of the journey.

I even managed to save fuel – someone mentioned to me when I was back in Pevensey to reduce my speed to conserve fuel. I had filled up my van from the half way point in my tank and it cost me 71.13. Of which I was hoping to see if it would get me from the south to the \north. To my surprise it did. I arrived back home with exactly half a tank of fuel left. I started to watch my speed and time remaining and matched it mile per minutes. I was absolutely stunned that I have still got half a tank of fuel left. I would highly recommend that you try it for yourself. Why speed along burning your fuel fast when you can drive around 55miles per hour to arrive home with half a tank left.

I think that my speed will be when on the motorways at 55, staying in the slow lane suits me too. You get to see some interesting vehicles. I was travelling behind one vehicle tha was very stranger looking, it lloked like it had three swivel chairs with something hanging down from a top bar. When I finally manage to pass them as they were leaving the motorway, I could see it was a carnival ride. like the teacup ride.

Family is so very important no matter the circumstances of today are. We all need one another.